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Outline of the 24th Ordinary General Shareholders' Meeting

We hope things are going well with you. We sincerely appreciate your patronage.

Our company held the 24th ordinary general meeting of shareholders on June 27, 2018. Shareholders having 89.18% of voting shares (including letters of proxy) participated in the meeting. Thank you very much.

At the general meeting, the chairperson reported the business performance in the 24th term.

After the reporting of business performance and the session of questions & answers, the following items were approved as planned.

The Election of 10 Directors

At the general meeting of shareholders and the reporting session, we received really valuable opinions and advices from shareholders. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks. We will not forget your opinions, and reflect them in our daily work.
The basic CSR policy of the PC DEPOT Group is to use our stores to eliminate the disparities in the information society (bridging the so-called "digital divide") that arise as a result of differences in age, gender, income, education, place of residence and other factors. We will carry out business administration that our service members and customers will support with a focus on putting customers first, to ensure that the Group will always be comprised of companies that are of value to our service members, customers and all other stakeholders. Further details can be viewed at the "To the Stakeholders" which will be published on June 27.
We humbly ask for your further guidance and encouragement going forward.


June 27, 2018
Takahisa Nojima, President and Chief Executive Officer

The 24th Ordinary General Shareholders' Meeting

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