Monthly report on risk management matters

We will report on our risk management and related undertakings from the perspective of recent news headlines.

Updated on April 20, 2020

March, 2020

Countermeasures against the spread of the novel coronavirus
We will issue appointment letters for employees who will newly join us or be promoted as of April 1 using online communication.

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February, 2020

Risk of infectious diseases such as coronavirus
This risk has a wide range of implications including product supply and the manner in which customers should be served, as well as workplace infection measures. In particular, with a priority on raising the safety awareness of each and every employee to prevent the spread of infection, PC DEPOT is currently recommending staggered working hours to the extent possible and is cancelling or postponing any events that are not considered necessary or urgent based on the evaluation of large-scale meetings and training workshops. At present, we are developing possible future scenarios and making necessary preparations based on them. We will strive to respond appropriately to any future developments based on the opinions of the government and medical experts.

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January, 2020

Infections such as new viruses and influenza
PC DEPOT closely monitors the epidemic situation of infections and changes in external environment situations including weather conditions on a regular basis. According to the situation, we take actions early in line with the judgement criteria such as stopping operations or shortening operation hours.
Work style
PC DEPOT regards senior citizens and people in their child-rearing years as human resources with experience, which we are to improve their skills and development further, and for those people, we proceed with "investment in people" based on the integrated work style reform, productivity and learning style such as education and system renewal. This spring we will also implement a permanent staff recruitment system for part-time workers regardless of their age, as well as recruit full-time employees on the premise of reduced working hours, mainly for people in their child-rearing years. In addition, we encourage staff who have responsibilities of childcare or nursing care to take childcare or nursing care leaves while deploying other original systems
Identification confirmation using My Number (individual number for social security and tax number system)
Base on the acceleration of the My Number System usage, we revised the procedure so that My Number Card can be used as a document for confirming identification. Please note that in cases where a copy of an identification document is needed, for example, when we purchase used products, My Number Card is not included as an identification confirmation document in order to prevent our staff from acquiring or taking a copy of individual numbers by mistake.

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