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Updated Fubruary 21, 2018

Responses to questions below are as of the month posted. The situation may have changed, due to various factors including economic conditions and the competitive landscape within the industry, depending on the time of viewing.

February, 2018

How are sales of the iPhone X?
The popularity of both the iPhone X, which went on sale in November, and the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which came out in September, are holding steady. We will continue to deliver updates and products to existing members and to those who require support going into the spring season.
What is the impact of the snow storms in January?
Since a majority of our stores are located in the Kanto region, we saw only some impact to January figures overall, mostly due to shortened business hours.
Please tell us about your hiring plans for the following and subsequent years.
We plan to hire 40 new graduates in April and promote an additional 40 part-time employees to full-time employee status. In addition, we plan to hire about 100 new graduates in April 2019.

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January, 2018

What percentage of your executives (managers and higher) are female?
The percentage of our managers who are female is 7.8%. When we hire employees, we do not limit them to certain job types such as general or clerical workers, and this indicator is calculated based on the total number of regular and contract employees. * Part-time workers are not included.
When are the stores closed?
Basically, we have adopted several irregular holidays a year such as New Year's Day. We plan to set up regular holidays as a general rule from next fiscal year.
Do you expect any special demand related to XXIII Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang?
We expect no direct change in demand.
Tell us about your plans to open new stores and renovate stores in this and next fiscal years.
We opened a new store in Roppongi this fiscal year. We renovated six stores before the end of December 2017 and plan to renovate several stores by the end of this fiscal year.
In the next fiscal year, we plan to renovate about the same number of stores as in this fiscal year and expect to open new stores considering the situation.
How about support services for smart speakers?
Some products are sold at some stores. Specific support services such as member support are currently undecided.

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