Corporate Information & Investor Relations

IR policy

as of May 12, 2014

(1)Basic policy of IR activities

PC DEPOT's basic policy is to continue disclosing important information about the Company to shareholders, investors, and all stakeholders in a timely, fair, swift, and accurate fashion. PC DEPOT believes this basic policy will help improve the integrity and transparency of management in the eyes of stakeholders.
PC DEPOT aims, primarily through its IR website, to convey its business content, management strategy, president's message, and other information about the Company in a clear, fair, and swift manner to broaden understanding of the Company's businesses.

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(2)Standard for disclosing information

PC DEPOT will disclose information in strict accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and the "Rules for Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information by Issuers of Listed Securities" ("Timely Disclosure Rules") prescribed by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).

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(3)Method for disclosing information

PC DEPOT will disclose information in accordance with the disclosure standards of Timely Disclosure Rules, and information it believes could influence the investment decisions of shareholders and investors, via the Timely Disclosure Network System (TDnet). It will also strive to disclose information fairly and swiftly through a variety of other means including its IR website, analyst meetings for securities analysts, and financial reports (securities reports, etc.)
PC DEPOT also informs shareholders of results and business conditions through a booklet it sends to shareholders twice a year.

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(4)Internal systems for information disclosure

The person responsible for handling information will disclose to the Tokyo Securities Exchange decisions, events, and fiscal and other timely disclosure matters, as well as items the Company decides to voluntarily disclose because it believes the information could influence the investment decisions of shareholders and investors.
Also, when facts need to be disclosed urgently, PC DEPOT will disclose corporate information swiftly according to the judgment of the president or the person responsible for handling information.


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(5)Disclosure policy regarding the future outlook (disclaimer)

The Company's plans, forecasts, strategies, and other information disclosed that are not historical facts are forward-looking statements based on information currently available to management and therefore include risks and uncertainties.
Actual results may differ substantially from these forecasts due to various factors including changes in the economic environment and the competitive landscape within the Company's industry.

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(6)Quiet period

In order to prevent leaks of financial information and preserve fairness, PC DEPOT refrains from replying or commenting on any inquiries concerning financial results during the "quiet period" from the closing date of quarterly accounts until the day of the financial results announcement. Please understand.

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(7)Response to information released by third parties

PC DEPOT is not in a position to comment or express support for information, including ratings and earnings forecasts, released by third parties about the Company.
However, PC Depot will respond appropriately in line with designated standards and methods if there is an obvious mistake in the third-party information, the information has a large impact on the capital markets, or the Tokyo Securities Exchange requests some sort of explanation.

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