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Board Members

Directors and Auditors (as of March 1 2018)

President and Chief Executive Officer Takahisa Nojima
Managing Director Hideki Saitoh General Manager, Operations and Manufacturing Headquarters
Director Takayuki Shimano Department Manager, PC Clinic & Urban Store Operations Department, Operations and Manufacturing Headquarters
Director Nobuyuki Tanaka General Manager, Compliance Office
Director Kazuya Shinozaki General Manager, Quality Control/Manufacturing Headquarters
Director Yuko Matsuo General Manager, Corporate Strategy & Planning Office
Director Tsukasa Yamaguchi Center Manager, Career Center, Quality Control/Manufacturing Headquarters
Director Junichi Ishihara Department Manager, Quality Control Department, Quality Control/Manufacturing Headquarters
Outside Director Atsuomi Obayashi* University Professor
Outside Director Mineo Fukuda*
Corporate Auditor Koji Suzuki
Outside Auditor Kazuo Yamamoto* Certified Public Accountant
Outside Auditor Masaki Nishimura* Attorney
Outside Auditor Yoshinari Noguchi*
* In accordance with the rules of the TSE, Atsuomi Obayashi, Mineo Fukuda, Kazuo Yamamoto, Masaki Nishimura and Yoshinari Noguchi have been appointed as independent board members, and notification of these appointments has been sent to the TSE.

Executive Officers (as of March 1, 2018)

Managing Executive Officer Tomoyuki Wada General Manager, Accounting and Finance Headquarters
Senior Executive Officer Daisuke Miyamoto Department Manager, Member Relations Department
Executive Officer Kazuhiro Kobayashi Department Manager, Store Development Department, Quality Control/Manufacturing Headquarters
Executive Officer Kou Yamamoto Department Manager, Business/Sales Promotion Department, Operations and Manufacturing Headquarters

Introduction of an executive officer system
PC DEPOT uses an executive officer system to conduct speedy business operations and clarify manager accountability. Executive officers attend meetings of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee. The role of these officers is to facilitate rapid decision-making concerning management issues and submit reports on business activities.

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