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Outline of the 15th Ordinary General Shareholders' Meeting

Dear Shareholders. I hope this report finds everyone in good health.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their ongoing support.

I will report now on the 15th Ordinary General Shareholders' Meeting held on June 18, 2009.
Including proxies, shareholders with 77.0% of voting right shares participated in the General Shareholders' Meeting.
We are very grateful.

The Chairman of the Meeting reported on PC DEPOT's business results for the 15th fiscal year ended March 31, 2009 at the General Shareholders' Meeting.
Please see our website's "Financial highlights" for an overview of financial results.

Following the business report and Q&A session, all of the following draft resolutions were approved as is.

Proposal No.1:
Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation
Proposal No.2:
Election of seven(7)Directors
Proposal No.3:
Election of one(1)Substitute Auditor
Proposal No.4:
Payment of Retirement Benefits to Retiring Director and Corporate Auditor
Proposal No.5:
Proposal No.5: Payments to Directors and Corporate Auditors Due to Termination of Retirement Benefit Program

We are very grateful for all the valuable opinions and advice we received at the General Shareholders' Meeting and reporting session.
We will keep your voices in mind as we go about our daily business.
PC DEPOT sells PCs and peripheral equipment, and we aim to enhance the range of technical maintenance and support provided for settings and Internet connections. Also, we intend to move forward with the opening of large-scale stores to provide these products and services to as many customers as possible.

We will continue to create stores that offer "attractive prices, safety, convenience and kindness," and to "improve the safety of PCs, Internet, and data" to win the support of both shareholders and as many customers as possible.

We humbly ask for your further guidance and encouragement going forward.

Sincerest regards

June 18, 2009
Takahisa Nojima, President and Chief Executive Officer

The 15th Ordinary General Shareholders' Meeting

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