Monthly report on risk management matters

We will report on our risk management and related undertakings from the perspective of recent news headlines.

December 2016

Response to our members who have been affected by disaster
We have considered ensuring flexible response to our members in the affected area in the occurrence of a disaster.
Our group has a store in Niigata Prefecture, which could not confirm the presence of our members who were affected by the massive fire in Itoigawa City.
We will provide relief or preferential response to our customers who have fallen victim to disaster or misfortune, as necessary.
Reinforcing infectious disease prevention
With some indications of the potential spreading of infectious diseases observed, we are issuing another reminder for prevention and are reinforcing prevention measures. We are also asking unwell employees to give priority to their recovery.
Response to an increase in cases of PCs with a particular failure state
When consultations due to the same failure state of PCs increase rapidly in inspected PCs, we will share the information between our headquarters and each store, determine the cause, and disseminate how to deal with the problem to all stores immediately.
When the danger to PCs and the difficulty of solving the problem are high, we will provide a PC emergency diagnosis service at stores.

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November 2016

Management of customer information at time of the support
In order to appropriately address the customers' needs for support which tend to increase during the New Year holidays, as well as to resolve the customers' problems which will arise after the termination of support for Windows Vista, we redoubled our efforts for the management and use of customer information.
We will continuously strive to improve our quality control so that our customers can securely use our services.
Expansion of support plan options for JUST PRICE FON
We are working to improve visibility of support services and ease of choosing the plan.
With regard to our original low-priced smartphone, "JUST PRICE FON," we expanded the options by introducing a new support plan.

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October 2016

Efforts to improve quality
In order to provide information that is easy for customers to understand, we are preparing additional quality management manuals and are proceeding to painstakingly spread our purpose and sense of value.
Prevention of seasonal infectious diseases
We have started sending reminders by informing about precautionary measures and recommending vaccinations for the flu and other infectious diseases that are prevalent in the winter.

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September 2016

Quality control of premium services
When customers apply to use the services, rather than having a salesperson deal with them, a separate "member of quality-control staff" responds to the customers and confirms the transaction. This is done in order to avoid customers getting inadequate explanations from our company.
Preparation for typhoons
Considering that the damage being caused by major typhoons is increasing, we have established a typhoon alert system so that we can prepare disaster control measures in stores beforehand.

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August 2016

Sale of secondhand articles on the Web head office (Internet shopping)
There was an oversight in the procedure regarding obtaining permission for selling secondhand articles. Consequently, the sale of secondhand articles was suspended between August 26, 2016 and August 31, 2016.
Audit items for stores have been reviewed. Click here for the display based on the Secondhand Articles Dealer Act.
Confirmation with a third party at the time of contract signing for the premium service and related services conducted by the audit office, and quality
We have reviewed the documents on the procedures for contract signing and video manuals.

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July 2016

Review of safe and secure data management when providing technical support
In preparation for an increase in the number of customers who bring their PCs to our stores for maintenance, we reviewed the various procedures related to enhancing work efficiency, asking for members' personal identification to confirm the ownership of a PC as well as the safe and secure management of data and accounts.

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June 2016

Simultaneously with the launch of "JUST PRICE FON," our new original brand for inexpensive smartphones, we carried out anew all-out efforts to explain service details, explain matters to be confirmed, confirming user's identities, check the intentions of customers, and the like.

Furthermore, as we have started a same-day MNP (Mobile number portability) service at our stores, we are carrying inspections regarding the management situation in connection with the new management items and are fully committing to them.
We checked understanding and committed to making efforts with regard to matters in connection with which a response is needed by operators of telecommunication services and agents due to a legislative amendment in connection with required matters concerning the provision of mobile phones and communication services using optical fiber and the like.
Furthermore, in order that ongoing and appropriate operations may take place, we strengthened the implementation of field audits.

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May 2016

Confirming the Safety of Stores When an Earthquake Hits
We want to express our sympathy to all the victims of the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake and hope that the disaster-stricken areas will be rebuilt as quickly as possible.

When an earthquake with a seismic intensity of 4 or greater hits in areas where our stores are located, the Cyber Knowledge Center at our Headquarters immediately confirms the safety of customers, employees, and situations inside and outside our stores using in-store cameras and walkie-talkies, etc.
At the time the Kumamoto Earthquake hit, we confirmed the safety situations of our four stores in Kyushu as well as our employees and their families, and also confirmed the damage state of facilities for lifeline in the areas.
Fortunately, our stores and the people involved with our company did not suffer any damage from the earthquake.

All stores of our group are now responding by placing a priority on supporting an environment in which damaged Internet connecting devices can be used.
Improving and Optimizing Field Audits of Stores
For field audits of stores, we adopt a rotation system of auditors where a manager of other stores and a person responsible for a category involving managing personal information and other data are appointed to an auditor in order to exercise a mutual check and balance between the stores or within the company.
Based on the viewpoints of each auditor and the items pointed out during the audits, we have reviewed and optimized some audit items in order to further improve the accuracy of audits.

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April 2016

Auditing Stores Prior to the Opening of New Stores and the Reopening of Renovated Stores
We audit stores prior to their opening—which includes confirming that fire extinguishers and security cameras have been set up, checking the appropriateness of devices that handle personal information and other data entrusted to us, and removing hazards inside and outside the store—to ensure the store's safe operation.
Last month (March 2016) we opened five stores, conducted field audits at all five stores prior to their opening, and are improving on the items pointed out during the audits.

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March 2016

New Policy of Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications on Smartphone Sales
We have carried out a reexamination to confirm that there are no representations in our stores which may mislead customers, as well as our plan with support. This has been done in line with our new policy that, among other matters, is in response to changes to the policy of carriers that have been made to comply with a policy for the promotion of the appropriate sales of smartphones, which is applied to mobile operators.

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February 2016

Handling of authentication information when setting up customers' devices
With regard to our handling of customers' IDs and passwords when carrying out the configuration of their PCs, smartphones or the like, we have partially changed our operational methodology in order to enhance our information management yet further.

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January 2016

Part-time foreign student workers
Due to the discovery of foreign students working more hours that the legal limit for part-timers at other companies, we reconfirmed that our part-time foreign student workers work an appropriate number of hours.
We have also reaffirmed the awareness of shift managers with regard to proper time management.

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