Monthly report on risk management matters

We will report on our risk management and related undertakings from the perspective of recent news headlines.

December 2014

Encouraging employees to take paid vacation
Once again, we have thoroughly implemented a program for employees to take annual paid vacation and we are encouraging them to schedule and take their vacation early.
Employees commuting to work by personal car or bicycle
We have made it a requirement for employees who commute to work by personal car (as well as by bicycle) to have voluntary insurance.

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November 2014

Liaison structure in event of emergencies
If an emergency is confined to a particular store, the store will contact the Sales Department. If the emergency involves Head Office, the General Administration Division will be notified. Where the safety of staff and/or customers is deemed to be under threat, the President is contacted immediately.
Staff management
The workplace environment is monitored for evidence of overworking, sexual harassment, bullying, or other inappropriate practices in accordance with a workplace monitoring regime that is revised and updated as necessary.
Client liaison
Clients have been briefed from the current period to the next period. The Company is committed to providing clients with a full range of information.
Furthermore, we have informed our business partners once again that we have established a dedicated inquiry and reporting service for them, and remain fully committed to its operation. The Company will be looking to boost its external governance procedures in the future.

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October 2014

Response to infectious diseases
We have advised all our employees to take precautions to prevent dengue virus infection and prohibit them from traveling to areas where outbreaks of the Ebola epidemic have occurred. We have also made these measures fully known to them.
In addition, the head office has confirmed how to put alert statues into effect and take necessary actions if a dengue fever or Ebola pandemic breaks out.
Weather risks
We have again fully advised all of our employees on how to deal with weather risks such as thunder, torrential rains, and typhoons.
In addition, following the torrential rains in Hiroshima in August, we are taking measures to support those customers living in areas to which the Disaster Relief Act applies who are utilizing the ISP run by our subsidiary.

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September 2014

Disaster prevention
On September 1, Disaster Preparedness Day in Japan, we reviewed the decision-making standards at head office and stores, as well as those for emergencies, and also reviewed evacuation routes.
Quality control for PC DEPOT’s private brand products
Our full-time corporate auditors and personnel from the Audit and Internal Control Office confirmed (mainly through interviews) with the persons responsible for the manufacture of our PCs and other private brand products that the products are being manufactured appropriately.
Review of operational changes in line with system changes
We have started making preparations for the full-scale introduction of IC credit cards as we plan to accept such cards at our stores.

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August 2014

Management system implemented when selling low-priced smartphones
We plan to start selling low-priced smartphones in September, but we will make all-out efforts to confirm the identity of buyers—mainly through their driver’s license—explain about all exemption clauses concerning applications, settings, etc., and thoroughly manage mobile phones in our care for work and their safe operation. We will also maintain equipment, fixtures, and incidental items to carry out these actions and perform more effective audits for these procedures.
Regarding employees taking care of themselves in extreme heat
In dealing with extreme heat, we are stepping up our efforts to help employees take care of themselves. To help employees cope with the effects of heat and resulting fatigue, we are notifying them when the heat reaches its peak to remind them to drink water and take breaks appropriately.
Preventing customer information from being divulged
In response to the recent incidents of customer information being divulged at other companies, our full-time auditor and the General Audit and Internal Control Office have interviewed appropriate personnel both inside and outside the company, and reaffirmed how customer data is managed.

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July 2014

Reorganization and personnel reshuffling in May and June
Regarding reorganization and reshuffling of managers at the headquarters and branches, we are making further efforts to provide orientation sessions at the headquarters. Regarding the change of key executives, such as the case executive directors retiring, we ensured proper handover of job duties with the attendance of the staff of the General Audit and Internal Control Office and the auditor.
Response to unfavorable weather
With unfavorable weather expected to occur in the summer—including heavy rains, strong winds and thunderstorms—we are raising the level of our preparedness and implementing preventative measures on a branch-by-branch basis through the Knowledge Center at the headquarters in accordance with the risk-management level, thereby reinforcing our safety levels.
When determining that the staff is under threat according to the warning level, we will take safety-first measures such, as closing the store until safety is assured.

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